Stories from CLEO 2019

OPN was on the scene at CLEO 2019 in San Jose, Calif., USA. On this page, we’ve collected a few stories dispatched from the meeting.


Auto Lidar: Optical Choices and Challenges

An invited speaker at CLEO 2019 offered a view of the trade-offs inherent in sensing systems for autonomous and assisted-driving vehicles. [10 May 2019, 15:15]

Optical Computing

Climbing Over the “Memory Wall”

Greek researchers believe that a new all-optical architecture could help resolve a long-standing bottleneck between CPUs and RAM. [09 May 2019, 07:30]


Trapped Ions, Fast Lasers

The Wednesday plenary sessions at CLEO 2019 explored the promise of quantum computing and the pioneering achievements of 2018’s Nobel Prize winners. [08 May 2019, 15:30]


Digging Into the Photonics Market

OPN talked with OSA Senior Industry Adviser Tom Hausken, who looked at optics and photonics market trends in an industry-focus event at CLEO 2019. [08 May 2019, 09:00]


CLEO Plenary Talks: From Plasmonics to Lidar

Tuesday morning speakers covered applications ranging from cancer treatment to self-driving vehicles. [07 May 2019, 17:40]


Neural Imaging: Deeper, Faster, Wider

In a kickoff plenary talk at the CLEO Conference, OSA Fellow Chris Xu showed how 3-photon imaging is allowing unprecedented views of activity in the brain. [07 May 2019, 16:30]

Information Technology

Quantum Computing: Will It Work, and When?

A CLEO workshop explored the long road ahead in the quest for universal, fault-tolerant quantum computers—and what they might be good for if and when they come about. [07 May 2019, 09:30]

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