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Quantum Mechanics in Nanoscience and Engineering 

This book provides a comprehensive and rigorous description of quantum mechanics, from the Schrödinger equation and energy quantization basics to advanced topics such as open quantum systems, revealing how each topic connects to nanoscience and nanoengineering phenomena and applications.

It aims to make quantum mechanics accessible to students, scientists, and engineers of various disciplines so that they can acquire a solid foundation in the physics underlying nanoscale quantum phenomena.

To maintain a good flow of the material, some mathematical derivations are left for the expert reader to complete using guided exercises spread throughout the chapters. With its clear and concise explanations and focus on the understanding of real-world phenomena, the book is successful in achieving its goals.

Review by Anca Sala, Kettering University, USA.

The opinions expressed in the book review section are those of the reviewer and do not necessarily reflect those of OPN or its publisher, Optica.

Publish Date: 16 May 2024

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