Polarization of Light in Classical, Quantum and Nonlinear Optics

Polarization, the topic of this book, plays a vital role in quantum optics and quantum information processing. This book contains 13 chapters, all-color pictures and a reference list for the interested reader.

A large part of this book originated from one of the author’s lecture courses and has been written in a textbook style. Each chapter starts with a background and precisely covers all concepts of the chapter with necessary figures and equations. The book begins with the basics of polarization in classical optics and then gradually describes crystal optics, nonuniform polarization states and light polarization at the nanoscale. An entire chapter is dedicated to the polarization elements used in the lab. Polarization in nonlinear optics is also described. Finally, the book discusses polarization applications in quantum optics and quantum technologies.

This book is suitable for masters and Ph.D. students, researchers and professionals involved with optical research and measurement in laboratories.

Review by Ishtiaque Ahmed, Member IEEE.

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