Holography: Principles and Applications

The author has written a practical and accessible reference on design-oriented and theoretical aspects of holography. This useful text should be of interest to graduate students in physics, optics and engineering as well as researchers involved with applications of holography.

Beyond the physical and geometrical optics for holography, the author includes practical image analysis and Huygens-Fresnel as well as Fraunhofer diffraction analysis. Furthermore, the reader can expect a careful introduction to concepts in holography, leading to holographic image formation and hologram diffraction efficiency.

Readers primarily interested in digitally generated holograms and digital holography will find an excellent coverage on these topics. Designers and researchers will appreciate the discussion on holographic recording materials like silver halide emulsion, dichromated gelatin, photorefractive material and holographic photopolymers.

Additional topics include holographic interferometry, holographic data storage and holographic optical elements for instrument applications as in optical interconnects and communication systems. This excellent text also provides appendices for laser operations and holographic material-processing techniques.

Review by Axel Mainzer Koenig, CEO, Mainzer Koenig Research Associates, Portland, Ore., USA.

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