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Physical Limitations to Scalability of WDM All-Optical Networks

Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) takes advantage of optical fiber's tremendous bandwidth. To get the most from an all-optical network, researchers must understand the physical limitations of WDM networks and how to overcome them. Signal degradation, attenuation, distortion, and crosstalk all influence the ability to expand WDM, all-optical networks.

by Daniel J. Blumenthal, Michael Shell, and Mark D. Vaughn
New Directions in Imaging the Retina

Exciting progress in instrumentation is aiding eye researchers and ophthalmologists in understanding the normal and diseased eye. Roorda and Williams describe advances in fundus photography, scanning laser ophthalmoscopy, optical coherence tomography, and adaptive optics.

by Austin Roorda and David R. Williams
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Packaging Considerations for Optoelectronics Devices

Over the next decade, the design of optoelectronics packaging will require significant changes to be cost-effective and easily manufactured. Benzoni, Anigbo, and Dudley discuss the challenges involved in achieving these changes and offer some guidelines for creating inexpensive, robust packaging.

by Albert Benzoni, Felix Anigbo and Tom Dudley
Create your own laser show

The movements and colors of a laser show are fascinating. Shapes dance in a dark room, in colors too intense to be real. The trick is to make that magic accessible using objects from everyday life. Students can then see that the real magic is in the physical principles, not in a black box of fancy technology.

by David M. Berg

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