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We are very grateful to D.M.J. van Elst, K.D. Hakkel, C. Li, T. Liu, F. Pagliano, M. Petruzzella, P. Sevo and P.J. van Veldhoven for contributing to the development of the InGaAs NIR spectral sensors in our group and to its sensing experiments; R.F. Kranenburg, R. de Ridder and A.C. van Asten for collaboration on our group’s drug-sensing experiments; Ben Aernouts and Gerrit Polder for providing the data on milk and tomatoes shown in several figures; and Kevin Jensen, M. Petruzzella and Robert Brueckner for providing the images of AMS, MantiSpectra and Senorics spectral sensors. We also acknowledge funding from NWO TTW project n. 16670.

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