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July/August 2022 Issue

Feature Articles

Optics & Art

In a new feature, OPN highlights works by eight artists inspired by light—and its ability to transform the world around us.

by Alessia H. Kirkland
Time Crystals in Optics

Optical techniques could help take “time crystals”—examples of temporal order and symmetry-breaking analogous to solid-state crystals in space—out of the lab and into real-world use.

by Hossein Taheri, Andrey B. Matsko, Lute Maleki and Krzysztof Sacha
Event Cameras: A New Imaging Paradigm

Unlike conventional cameras, neuromorphic cameras mimic how human eyes work by detecting and recording only changes in a scene, opening doors to new imaging possibilities.

by Susan Curtis

Departments and Columns

Research and Industry News

VUV metalens / Table-top X-ray laser / Machine learning speeds up PV development / Near-zero-index materials / Making a “magic window” / Event Horizon Telescope / News from Ayar Labs and IonQ / THz rays reveal hidden inscription

Treasure Maps for Optical Materials

At the 2022 Advanced Photonics Congress, materials scientist Matthias Wuttig will talk about how mapping chemical bonds to material properties can offer shortcuts for designing novel optical materials.

Market Report
Optics and Photonics: A Midyear Look

The industry will need to remain agile to adapt to a “new normal” of shortages and a possible recession.

Special Report
Ukraine: Kharkiv Stories

Scientists with ties to a vital Ukrainian scientific and industrial center talked with OPN about what the war has meant thus far—and what the future might hold.


Also in this Issue

President's Message
Of Science and Art

Creating science is akin to creating works of art. And both are the work of human beings.

Looking Back
30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Mass storage; quantum cryptography; multidimensional lasers.

Optica in Focus
News from the Society

Remembering Kenneth M. Baird / Helmholz prize for PicquĆ© / IDL “thriller” video / Optica Fellow stories / Aid for Ukraine / Women in Industry / Industry impact brochure / CLEO recap / Tracking methane emissions / Thank you, editors and volunteers

Optica Elections
Optica Election for 2023 Offices

Review the candidates for Optica's 2023 Vice President and Directors-at-Large election.

After Image
Fluorescent Olive Oil

Discovering hidden colors in nature: The fluorescence of olive oil—as well as the phenomenon of total internal reflection—is visible under illumination with a green laser.