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Combs of Light on a Chip

Frequency combs may soon leave the metrology lab and enter the mainstream.

by Edwin Cartlidge
Photonic Nanojets

Microspheres, microcylinders and more complex dielectric structures can create nanoscale concentrations of directed energy. Thanks to advances in fabrication techniques, these optical jets could soon find their way into applications.

by Alexander J. Littlefield, Jinlong Zhu, Jonah F. Messinger and Lynford L. Goddard
Polaroid’s Experiment in South Africa

Fifty years ago this month, the high-profile U.S. photography and optics firm attempted to take action against apartheid. The project’s mixed results—and some details behind the story—remain relevant a half-century later.

by Joseph N. Mait

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Thin-film PV boost / LSCs for smart clothing / Spider web photodetector array / Photonic wavefront sensors / Biophysics of snake vision / OLEDs for AR/VR displays / M Squared and Jenoptik news

Infectious Diseases in the Crosshairs

A new translational-research center being built in Jena, Germany, aims to speed the path from lab to clinic for promising biophotonic technologies.

OIDA Market Report
What Will Year Two of the Pandemic Bring?

With the initial industry supply shock in the rearview mirror, here is a look ahead at the optics and photonics market in 2021.

Global Trust in Science

A recent international Pew Research survey found that a majority of respondents had “some” to “a lot of” trust in scientists and a mostly positive view of the impact of scientific developments.


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30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Er-doped fiber amplifiers; color vision; photovoltaic technology.

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