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The Laser at 60

Six decades after the first working laser was demonstrated, OPN offers a few samples of the incredibly rich field the device has created.

by Stewart Wills
Television Goes 8K: Can You See the Difference?

The impressive technology promises better imaging in medicine and other fields as well as entertainment, but how much more can our eyes see?

by Jeff Hecht
Detecting Dental Decay with Infrared Light

A variety of optical techniques could overcome some of the shortcomings of more traditional tools for one of the dentist’s oldest tasks—finding cavities.

by Daniel Fried

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Hyperspectral THz microscopy / Filming a quantum measurement / Lensless imaging / Stretchy light-emitting textiles / Toward safer solar cells / Europe and COVID-19 / Secpho anniversary / Atoms go colliding three by three

Explore Science Virtually

The effort to contain COVID-19 has many millions around the globe working and learning from home. Here we look at a few popular sites for virtually exploring our world through science.

Optics and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Optics and photonics technologies are helping to combat coronavirus on multiple fronts: from prevention and detection to disease monitoring and disinfection.

Optics and the Electrification Transformation

An optical-sensing entrepreneur shines a light on the role optics will play in the utilities industry as the grid gets smarter.

Light Touch
Laser Beam Orbits

The interesting mathematical truths that explain the elliptical plot of paraxial ray tracing between the mirrors of a laser resonator.

Then and Now
Ultrafast Photography

Since the dawn of the medium, photographers have been fascinated by the possibilities of capturing rapid motion in one frozen frame.


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30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Blue lasers; Newton using a prism; laser light shows

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