Feature Articles

The Breakthrough Birth of Low-Loss Fiber Optics

Once Charles Kao had identified the promise of glass for communications, specialists in glass science took on the task of making that promise a reality. A small group at Corning succeeded by taking a contrarian approach.

by Jeff Hecht
Toward Intelligence in Photonic Systems

In the not-too-distant future, advances in machine learning will spur a new, transformative generation of optical communication and measurement systems.

by Darko Zibar, Francesco Da Ros, Giovanni Brajato and Uiara C. de Moura
Supreme or Unproven?

Despite much recent fanfare, quantum computers still need to show that they can do something useful.

by Edwin Cartlidge

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Research and Industry News

Lasers illuminate high-energy-density matter / Casimir force demonstrated / Ionization in water / Slow light for solid-state lidar / A switch for making syngas / AI research and investment by the numbers / Lighting industry eyes mercury ban / CNT device IDs viruses

Artificial Intelligence

The field of AI is expanding rapidly. Here we look at some statistics for global AI research,
investment and inclusion in 2018.

Career Focus
Demystifying Award Applications

An award nomination or application should tell a clear and compelling story.

Reflections in Diversity
A Path to Equality in Asia-Pacific?

Researchers reflect on the issues raised during a 2019 diversity and equity panel—and share possible solutions.

OSA Expands Presence in Europe

Claus Roll joins OSA as its second European director.

Then and Now
Taking Telecom Underwater

Subsea communications originated in the 19th century, but it was the invention of low-loss fiber and optical amplifiers that allowed for the fiber optic network we see today.


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Looking Back
30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Hubble Space Telescope; undersea fiber optic cables; VCSELs

OSA Update
News from the Society

3D-printing a Lamborghini / POM draws a big online crowd / OSA Fellow stories / Honors for Polzik, Murnane, Kapteyn, Kochan, Anderson and Li / Thank you, editors and volunteers

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Thank you, OSA Foundation Donors

The OSA Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm for The Optical Society (OSA). Our mission is to inspire, reward and support students and early-career professionals in optics and photonics. Our global programs include professional development, summer schools, prizes, scholarships, fellowships, awards and honors. Here, we are pleased to recognize the generosity of our donors; for more information or to make a donation, go to www.osa.org/donate.