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Nanophotonic Biosensors: Driving Personalized Medicine

Point-of-care photonic biosensors could promote more integrated, informative, timely and precise diagnoses of human diseases—and better-targeted health care.

by Maria Soler, Olalla Calvo-Lozano, M.-Carmen Estevez and Laura M. Lechuga
Hyperspectral Imaging Meets Biomedicine

Scientists are modifying optical and data-processing techniques from Earth remote sensing and bringing them down to the level of cells and tissues.

by Patricia Daukantas
The Photonics Online Meetup

The organizers and attendees of an all-virtual, free-of-charge scientific conference consider the future of the format.

by Molly Moser

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Atomic-scale resolution in space and time / Deep-UV laser diode / Analyzing moon dust / Long-wave photodetector / Seeing sprays two ways / Photonics aids sustainability / Smartphones and 3D sensing / Hyper-spectral imaging of butterfly wings

R&D Investment: Funding Global Health

The global impact of the current coronavirus outbreak, on top of ongoing viruses like the seasonal flu and the very real possibility of an even stronger novel virus arriving in the future, highlights the importance of scientific research in maintaining world health. Here we look at global investment in R&D—our path to staying ahead of the next crisis.

Shifting Policies in the U.S. Impact Science

Scientific advancement and international collaborations are feeling the negative effects of increasingly difficult visa and travel policies in the U.S.

Market Report
Quantum Photonics Roadmap

A surveylooks at the current state of the quantum photonics market and provides insight on how commercialization may advance.

SCAPE 2.0 Microscopy

Speeding up light-sheet imaging of live biological specimens.


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COVID-19 and Data Transparency

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30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

The 0-fs pulse; black silicon; optics in dentistry

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Student chapters celebrate women in STEM / Toward a more inclusive CLEO / Keller awarded Ives medal / OSA Fellows stories / Celebrating engineers / Spotlight on student chapters in Spain / IDL: See the light / Thank you, editors and volunteers.