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Photonics Tracks Global Environmental Change

Optical scientists are making globe-spanning measurements of ice, water, gases and the biosphere to assess the health of our living planet.

by Patricia Daukantas
Radiative Cooling: Harvesting the Coldness of the Universe

The combination of the atmosphere’s transparency in the 8-to-13-μm wavelength band and outer space’s potential as a heat sink has opened up a new frontier in renewable-energy research.

by Wei Li and Shanhui Fan
Advanced Spectroscopy in Precision Agriculture

An OSA Incubator Meeting explored the intersection of photonic technology and the effort to feed a growing world population.

by G.O. Ariunbold, A. Bandyopadhyay, K. Parameswaran, J. Sacher and A. Sengupta

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All-optical neural network / Quantum entanglement and teleportation / 50-km transmission / Polarizing peek into crab vision / Electrodes for solar cells / Autonomous-system market / Applying your Ph.D. to industry / Plasmonic-antenna design

Of Values and Inclusivity

In an interview with OPN, Ursula Gibson reflected on changes and progress during her year as OSA President.

Light Touch
The Endless Corridor

A historical tour of the optical illusion in which two parallel-facing mirrors create an endless, repeating effect.

Rising Ocean Levels

The global ocean covers 71% of the Earth's surface and contains around 97% of the Earth's water. Even a small change in the ocean levels - for example, from rapidly melting ice sheets- can have a significant impact. (For more on how photonics is being used to track global environmental change, see this month's cover story, “Photonics Tracks Global Environmental Change.”)

OSA Annual Meeting
FiO+LS 2019

Some highlights of FiO+LS 2019, as captured by the camera eye.


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President's Message
Structuring a Diverse Workforce

Looking Back
30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Optical-fiber biosensing; toxin-devouring microbes; nanolasers ascendant.

OSA Foundation
Thank You, OSA Foundation Donors!

The OSA Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm for The Optical Society (OSA). Our mission is to inspire, reward and support students and early-career professionals in optics and photonics. We are pleased to recognize and thank the donors who make it possible.

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FiO Professional-Development Events / Quantum Workshop / OSA at JSAP / Garmire is Honorary Member / 25 Years for ONG / Diversity at FiO / Student Leaders / Thank you, Editors and Volunteers