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Mid-IR Spectroscopic Sensing

Advances in mid-IR light sources and spectrometers are spurring development of fast, powerful instruments to explore a range of scientific, industrial and biomedical problems.

by Nathalie Picqué and Theodor W. Hänsch
Fiber Optic Interferometric Sensors at Sea

The story of the U.S. Navy’s effort to develop sensors that used optical fiber to detect targets at sea offers a window into how a technology goes from basic research to production.

by Anthony Dandridge
2019 OSA Awards and Medals

OSA is proud to honor and celebrate outstanding contributions to science, research, engineering, education, industry and society. Please join us in congratulating the following recipients of OSA’s prestigious awards and medals, who will be recognized at conferences throughout the year.

by Meredith Smith, Kari Apter and Jeanette Gass

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LIGO and Virgo Kick Off Third Run / Beating the Heat in Style / Exoplanet Insights / Ultra-Sensitive Biosensor / Keeping Photons On Time / Photonics Vision for Scotland / Harassment at Science Meetings / Hybrid Technique for MEGO Devices

Global S&E Doctorates

Since 2000, the number of internationally mobile students has more than doubled to 5 million worldwide—representing 26% of enrollment in doctoral programs. Here we look at the number of science & engineering (S&E) doctorates awarded around the world and the role of international mobility in the largest two countries—the United States and China.

Spotlight on Applied Optics

Plenary talks at OSA’s Imaging and Applied Optics Congress will highlight some of the latest advances in robot learning and adaptive optics.

Light Touch
A Scintillating Spectacle of Light

In the early 20th century, a visionary light engineer combined art and science to create the Scintillator—pioneering light as a spectacle.

Then and Now
The Journey of Quantum Sensing

From the concept of “matter waves” to precision quantum sensing.


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30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

The “first transoceanic lightwave system”; laser-based photoacoustic trace gas sensors; cloud-monitoring spacecraft.

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