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Semiconductor Lasers for 3-D Sensing

As VCSELs and edge-emitting lasers empower new functionalities in handhelds, the automotive sector and elsewhere, it’s increasingly important to understand the differences between these laser options.

by Jay Skidmore
Smartphone Optical Sensors

Optical add-ons and apps that take advantage of smartphones’ connectivity and computing power are opening up opportunities in education, food safety, health care and environmental monitoring.

by Simarjeet Singh Saini, Aneesh Sridhar and Kulbir Ahluwalia
Toward the Optical Second

Armed with new kinds of atomic clocks, scientists are planning to overhaul the unit of time.

by Edwin Cartlidge

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Research and Industry News

“Stealth” coating for nanoprobes; gas lens for EUV beams; yeast biofactories; mid-IR laser beam steering; National Quantum Initiative; photonic pilot lines in Europe; turn your office into a computer; endoscopy at the tip of a fiber.

Career Focus
What’s Bothering the Reviewer?

The art of responding effectively to a reviewer’s comments, and avoiding missteps along the way.

Reflections in Diversity
What Does Gender Have to Do with Physics?

A physics professor and expert in gender equity and equal opportunity advises abandoning a purely objective view of science to address bias.

Light Touch
Preppy Optics

Our columnist infiltrates the WASP’s nest to explain the optical origins of the iconic pink and green color combination.

Perfecting Smartphone Photos

The back of your mobile phone may soon be covered with tiny lenses that take simultaneous images that are computationally stitched together for new effects and capabilities.


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2018 Nobel Prize ceremony; Trinity College honors Michal Lipson; OSA members join NAI ranks; OPTIC 2018 and an NCU anniversary; OSA Fellow stories; thank you, volunteers and editors.

OSA Fellows
Meet OSA's 2019 Fellows

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the first class of OSA Fellows. At its April 1959 meeting, the OSA Board of Directors elevated 115 of its members to the rank of Fellow — a first for the Society. Today we continue that tradition as we congratulate the 2019 OSA Fellows. These members come from 20 different countries, with more than half from outside the United States. They are recognized for their distinguished contributions to education, research, engineering, business and society.