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In a quest for energy savings, occupant comfort and aesthetic appeal, by drawing on examples both ancient and modern, architectural designers are using the basic principles of optics to bring sunlight deep into building interiors.

by Elise M. Strobach and Svetlana V. Boriskina
The Quest for Lumens per Watt

Historically, the development of lighting has been driven by the need to get the brightest, most pleasing light possible at the lowest cost. Are we reaching the limits?

by Ryan Kelley
A Smart View of the Future

High-tech windows could soon be generating electricity, as well as saving on heating and cooling.

by Edwin Cartlidge
Aspheres: Still Adding Value

While misunderstood and sometimes underutilized, aspheres have emerged as a versatile solution for a wide variety of optical problems—and their costs have steadily trended down. Here’s a look at how they’re fabricated and measured today.

by Oleg Leonov and Cory Boone

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Quantum optics goes meta; 5-D hyperspectral imaging; programmable quantum chip; handheld ophthalmic imaging; light painting with bacteria; tunable colors in the snout weevil; White House quantum roadmap; potential NQI impact; confining light in nano-bowties.

Reflections in Diversity
Treating Each Other Respectfully

The ETH Zurich RESPECT campaign supports its community by raising awareness of problematic behaviors.

Integrated Photonics and the Mid-IR

A recent OSA Incubator Meeting looked at the challenges of getting mid-IR devices onto photonic chips—and some of the opportunities that could result.

How LEDs Are Enabling “Smart Cities”

The once-mundane streetlight could become the key to networked municipalities.


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Nobel congratulations; news from FiO+LS 2018; EPS turns 50; Berthold Leibinger awards; OSAF recognizes diversity and inclusion champions; Bergé wins 2018 Gentner-Kastler Prize; Global Women of Light at FiO; Constance J. Chang-Hasnain elected 2019 OSA VP; IONS Yerevan; OSA/JSAP joint symposium; OSA Fellow Member stories; thank you, editors and volunteers.

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