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Cutting-Edge Cinema

A new generation of digital cinema is on the way, with three technologies offering a wider dynamic range, more vivid colors and darker darks.

by Jeff Hecht
Topological Photonic Systems

Opportunities are growing for the design of photonic systems that are “topologically protected” from defects and disorders—and in which light can be made to propagate in a single preferred direction.

by Sunil Mittal, Wade DeGottardi and Mohammad Hafezi
Gravitational Waves: The Road Ahead

LIGO and Virgo have opened up a new window into the local universe. But the global gravitational-wave community isn’t stopping there.

by Stewart Wills

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Research and Industry News

Imaging the hidden road ahead; single chip, dual comb; tracking cell growth; blood flow after stroke; Euro-robotics accelerator; U.K. quantum pioneer funding; power from sunshine and rain.

The Laser: Expanding our World

When Theodore Maiman successfully operated the first laser on 16 May 1960, it was impossible to imagine how integral lasers would one day become to our daily lives—from communications to medical research and from industry to entertainment, as described in this month’s cover story on cutting-edge cinema. Or how much the laser continues to expand our world—extending our reach from far out in space to the depths of the ocean.

Making the Case for High-Intensity Science

OPN talks with Philip Bucksbaum on a recent study exploring how the United States can re-establish a strong position in petawatt lasers.

OIDA Market Report
The Real Growth Rate of the Global Laser Market

Examining increasing laser revenues in the context of global economic change.

International Day of Light
On 16 May, Light Science Shines

UNESCO has officially declared 16 May as the International Day of Light. OPN spoke with John Dudley, who spearheaded this initiative, about his vision for the annual event.

Qualifying Diode Lasers for Space

While requirements vary, testing programs for devices on ESA and NASA missions focus on standardized tests.


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A Platform for Discovery

OSA Update
News from the Society

Ian Walmsley appointed provost; OSA Fellow Member stories; OFC 2018 success; gender equity initiatives at OFC; Tingye Li Innovation Prize recipient; recognizing student winners; call for OSA award nominations; thank you, editors and volunteers.