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Cultural Artifacts in Terahertz Light

Non-ionizing terahertz radiation fills in a crucial gap in the photon-based toolbox of art conservators and archaeologists.

by Patricia Daukantas
A Roadmap for Integrated Photonics

Three contributors to a major effort to define future needs, gaps and research directions for the photonics supply chain talk about the project and where it’s going.

by Madeleine Glick, Lionel C. Kimmerling and Robert C. Pfahl
EUV Light Sources for Next-Gen Lithography

After a long period of development, sophisticated machines that generate streams of extreme-ultraviolet radiation from laser-produced plasmas are on the cusp of taking chip manufacturing to the next level.

by Faiz Rahman

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Research and Industry News

Optical fiber meets seismology; X-ray studies probe water; arachnid colors could inspire compact devices; TESS readies for launch; tipping point seen for silicon photonics; solar-panel tariff in U.S.; lensless 3-D imaging.

Optics & Art: Revealing the Hidden Truth

This month’s cover story looks at how terahertz imaging is being used to analyze works of art. Other noninvasive optical scanning methods are also being used to reveal hidden layers in artworks, and to help confirm creation dates and authenticity without risk of damage. Here are a few recent examples leveraging optical coherence tomography (OCT) and macro X-ray fluorescence (MA-XRF).

Exploring the Networks of the Future

OPN talks with three plenary speakers at OFC 2018 about what makes networks tick—and the challenges of scale in an era of ever-greater bandwidth demand.

The History of OSA
Two OSA Pioneers

Women members have filled important leadership roles in OSA over its long history and continue to do so at an increasing rate. Here’s a look at the legacies of two women who helped blaze that trail.

Career Focus
Connecting Your Way to the Future You

Chances are that you’re not using LinkedIn to your full advantage. Here are five tips for how you can optimize your LinkedIn presence.

Reflections in Diversity
Being the CEO of Your Career

OPN talked with Jie Qiao about the importance of women in science taking an entrepreneurial approach to advancing their careers.


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President's Message
Accelerating Gender Equity

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Ivan Kaminow Prize winner; OSA Fellow Member stories; Masters Visits Sun Yat-sen University; OSA Foundation honors women in science; New Career Calibrator tool for members; thank you, editors, social-media participants, and volunteers.