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December 2018 Issue

Feature Articles

Optics in 2018

Now in its 36th year, OPN’s annual feature reviews some of the most interesting research in optics and photonics published in recent months. Our panel of guest editors reviewed 113 summaries submitted by research teams from across the globe, to select 30 intriguing stories that reflect the broad sweep of optical and photonic science and engineering.

Winners of 2018 Photo Contest

Congratulations to the winners of OPN’s 13th annual After Image photo contest!

Departments and Columns

Research and Industry News

A chip-scale electro-optic modulator; creating images in the eye; guide-star magnetometers; lidar reveals Maya ruins; HSI for art conservation; projected growth of CIS market; sizing up U.S. R&D spending; micro-LED array could combat hair loss.

Career Focus
Insights and Advice from OSA Fellows

A diverse, accomplished group shares the many different paths to success.

Light Touch
Who Invented the Black Light?

The mysteriously undocumented attribution of the popular ultraviolet lamp.

Then and Now
Optical Tweezers Enable Innovative Science

Nearly a half-century ago, optical forces were first used to capture and manipulate bits of matter. The technology has come a long way since then.

Scientific Research: A Global Production

Over the past decade, production of research-based science and engineering knowledge has grown worldwide. Here we look at the top article-producing countries and international collaborators. For a look at some particularly interesting optical research produced over the past year, see OPN’s special feature “Optics in 2018.”


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President's Message
President's Message

Looking Back
OPN 2018 Online Audience Favorites

OPN regularly posts research and industry news, career advice and insights, book reviews and interesting reader-submitted images with an optical slant. Here are a few posts from the past year that our followers on Facebook and Twitter especially liked.

OSA Update
News from the Society

OSA Fellow member stories; Goodman named Honorary Member; connecting with student chapters; metamaterials incubator sails forward; OSA welcomes new executives; remembering Berthold Leibinger; students, faculty and industry connect in Rochester; Goswami wins Galileo Prize; thank you, editors and volunteers.