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Quantum Computing: How Close Are We?

Industry has joined the race to build a universal quantum computer. But the task is daunting.

by Edwin Cartlidge
Ghost Imaging

By using spatially separated but correlated photons or classical fields, it’s possible to image an object using light that has never touched it. The results illuminate some interesting theory—and point to new imaging applications.

by Miles Padgett, Reuben Aspden, Graham Gibson, Matthew Edgar and Gabe Spalding
OSA Centennial Snapshots: The Fiber Optic Mania

In the decade from 1996 to 2005, breakthroughs in fiber optics and networking transformed society and laid the groundwork for the global internet. The same decade showed how technological breakthroughs could bring economic turmoil.

by Jeff Hecht

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OSA at 100
Thoughts on a Centennial Year

CEO Elizabeth Rogan reflects on the successes and changes The Optical Society has seen, and on what lies ahead.

OSA at 100
OSA Member Stories

During this centennial year, OSA members have been sharing stories about their work, sources of inspiration, the value of OSA membership and more. Here are some of those stories.

Light and Matter at the Nanoscale

At this year’s Frontiers in Optics (FiO), plenary speakers and OSA Fellows Michal Lipson and Lukas Novotny will talk about the opportunities that are emerging from the study of light-matter interactions at tiny length scales. Optics & Photonics News caught up with them to get a sneak preview.

OIDA Market Report
The 100-Year View of Photonics: Part 3

What will shape the next century’s transformative technologies?

Optics Innovations
Rethinking Consumer Spectroscopy

Chromation is bringing spectroscopy to consumer electronics with innovative technology that opens a path to a chip-scale spectrometer.

Research and Industry News

A tiny brain thermometer; handheld retinal imaging; getting more free-space optical data; a boost for “Li-Fi;” lost light yields sharper images; explore 100 years of OSA; NSF to support next-gen wireless; solar LEDs empower job creation; a laser broom for space junk?


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President's Message
Valuing Diversity in Optics

“Until humans learn to tolerate—no, that’s not enough; to positively value each other—until we can value the diversity here on Earth, then we don’t deserve to go into outer space.” —Gene Roddenberry (Creator of “Star Trek”)