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Zero-Index Platforms: Where Light Defies Geometry

Geometry-invariant effects in structures with near-zero permittivity or permeability could lead to deformable optical devices, and to new insights into unique light-matter interactions.

by Iñigo Liberal and Nader Engheta
Chiral Nanomaterials and Chiral Light

Advances in nanofabrication are expanding opportunities to exploit and customize the “handedness” of materials—and of light itself.

by Ventsislav K. Valev
Levitated Optomechanics

State-of-the-art optical-trapping platforms are creating new opportunities for extending sensing applications and illuminating quantum mechanics. A recent OSA Incubator Meeting explored the frontiers.

by Nick Vamivakas, Mishkat Bhattacharya and Peter Barker
OSA Centennial Snapshots: Inventing a Dwarf Masterpiece

An international collaboration between two corporate competitors spawned the compact disc—and introduced lasers into millions of homes.

by Patricia Daukantas

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Nanoengines activated by light; record optical nonlinearity; naked-eye entablement; better holograms, better security; green light for migraines; evolving tech stokes industrial laser market; NASA opens up dozens of patents.

Conversations in Optics
First Light for ESO’s Four Laser Guide Star Facility

OPN talks with Domenico Bonaccini Calia and Wilhelm Kaenders, two of the key players in the design and execution of the new Four Laser Guide Star Facility at the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope in Chile.

OIDA Market Report
The 100-Year View of Photonics: Part 2

Tom Hausken gives a follow-up to his May 2016 long-view of the optics and photonics market and its impact on society.

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Thorlabs: Designing a Business, Part 1

In the first installment of a two-part article, Thorlabs founder and chief executive Alex Cable shares a personal view of some core business design practices and concepts underlying the company’s success.


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Thomas Freston, U.S. business executive


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