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Where Life Meets Light: Bio-Inspired Photonics

Inspired by the results of natural selection, scientists are designing new and improved optoelectronic systems modeled after the way animals, insects and plants use light.

by Valerie C. Coffey
Optical Coherence Elastography

OCE provides 3-D maps of tissue stiffness on the micrometer to millimeter scale, bridging a crucial gap in probing the mechanical properties of diseased tissues.

by Brendan F. Kennedy, Kelsey M. Kennedy and David D. Sampson
Light Repairs Art: Optical Overlays Restore Faded Masterworks

Light or oxidation degrades dyes and pigments, altering artworks over the years and centuries. With some new techniques, art conservators can use light to restore the faded glory of a masterpiece without changing the original.

by Jeff Hecht

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Reflections in Diversity
The Times They Are a-Changin’

Lesley Cohen, a professor at Imperial College London, provides a perspective on the cultural changes supporting gender equality at universities in the United Kingdom.

OIDA Market Report
A Half-Trillion-Dollar Industry

As Tom Hausken notes, OSA’s estimate of world optics and photonics revenues for 2014 involves making some decisions about what constitute “optics-enabled products.”

Conversations in Optics
Frequency Combs: Optimization for Precision Metrology

Q&A with Curtis Menyuk, one of the hosts of the OSA Incubator Meeting, “Quantitative Modeling of Frequency Comb Sources.”


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