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Sensing Trouble: Fiber-Optics in Civil Engineering

A wave of new fiber-optic sensing techniques takes advantage of the sensitivity of telecom-grade fiber optics to stress, strain, temperature and other factors in order to ensure the long-term safety of civil structures.

by Lynn Savage
Next-Gen Quantum Networks

Get ready: the quantum internet is a next-generation disruptive technology that is now closer to fact than fiction. Researchers predict that practical quantum communications may be here within 10 to 15 years.

by Valerie C. Coffey
Saving Hubble

Shortly after the launch of the Hubble, NASA scientists couldn’t bring its images into focus—and a bright hope became a grim fiasco. But behind the scenes, optical engineers were devising an ingenious fix that would transform Hubble into the world’s most successful telescope.

by Jeff Hecht

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Optics Innovations
Inrad Optics: New Name, New Mission

Since 1973, the Inrad name has symbolized expertise in crystalline optics. With its name change, Inrad Optics will also communicate the company’s focus on metal and custom optics.

Global Optics
Optics in Toruń, Poland

Known for its beautiful buildings and view of the Vistula river, the city of Toruń is also home to Nicolaus Copernicus University—where a proud legacy in physics and astronomy began more than 50 years ago.

Career Focus
A Curriculum Vitae Makeover

Whether on paper or in electronic format, the résumé or curriculum vitae plays a crucial role in job applications. This analysis of a draft CV offers some dos and don’ts toward effective communication.

Conversations in Optics
Network Transformer

Brian Protiva sees change on the horizon for optical networking technologies.


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