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Rewritable Holographic 3D Displays

Researchers at the University of Arizona’s College of Optical Sciences and Nitto Denko Technical Corp. have created a rewriteable holographic display that may one day enable 3D holographic film.

by N. Peyghambarian, Savas Tay, Pierre-Alexandre Blanche, Robert Norwood and Michiharu Yamamoto
Guiding Light with Long-Range Plasmons

Long-range surface plasmons are characterized by unique electromagnetic properties that could reshape our vision of integrated optical circuits and other chip-scale photonic applications.

by Aloyse Degiron, Pierre Berini and David R. Smith
Photoacoustic Tomography and Microscopy

By converting light waves into sound, researchers have developed a high-resolution biological imaging technique that allows them to see living tissue at new depths.

by Lihong V. Wang
The Quantum Cascade Laser: A Versatile and Powerful Tool

Many applications in the infrared are awaiting the right laser source. Advances in quantum cascade lasers will enable powerful new technologies to become commercial realities.

by Manijeh Razeghi, Steven Slivken, Yanbo Bai and Shaban Ramezani Darvish
Phase-Shifting Digital Holography

Digital holography generally offers more flexibility than conventional holographic interferometry and speckle interferometry because of its simple setup and easy accessibility for 3D surfaces.

by Ichirou Yamaguchi

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Light Touch
With The Camera Lucida, You, Too, Can Be an Artist

“You Can Draw Your Family, Friends, Anything from REAL LIFE­—Like An Artist…Even if You CAN’T DRAW a Straight Line!”

Optical Engineering
Better Polishing through Chemistry

Learning the chemical aspects of optical polishing can lead to better optics in less time.

Supercharging Microscope Resolution

Researchers have refined a micro-scope that allows them to image features far smaller than the diffraction limit of the light used and examine how a protein behaves inside a living cell.

The History of OSA

Global Optics
Photonics Research at Australia’s Swinburne University of Technology

The Centre for Micro-Photonics at Australia’s Swinburne University of Technology has emerged as a leader in interdisciplinary photonics education and research. OSA Fellow Barry Masters recounts his recent visit to this world-class institution.

The Next Step Toward Quantum Computers

The integrated circuit changed electronics dramatically. Could the integration of photonic circuits that demonstrate quantum behavior have similar effects on quantum computing?

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Two-dimensional colloidal crystals.


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