Electrically Pumped Photonic Crystal Nanolasers

Hong-Gyu Park, Min-Kyo Seo, Se-Heon Kim and Yong-Hee Lee

For years, the quantum optics community has been testing the limits on laser size: How small can you go? Thanks to advances in semiconductor crystal growth and fabrication techniques, the answer is now wavelength-scale.


figureResearchers H.-G.Park, S.-H. Kim, M.-K. Seo and Y.-H. Lee are working to develop the smallest possible laser.

The laser is shrinking. Like other modern technologies, lasers have been found to hold many attractive capabilities when applied to the nano realm. For example, ultra-small lasers hold promise as light sources for photonic integrated circuits that require minimal thermal overhead.

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Publish Date: 01 May 2008

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