A Chaos-Based Approach to Secure Communications

Andrew W. Poon, Xianshu Luo, Hui Chen, Gustavo E. Fernandes and Richard K. Chang

These authors describe a unique approach to safeguarding data transmission over the Internet—by embedding messages within optical chaos.


figure Numerically simulated whispering-gallery-like resonance mode intensity pattern in a microspiral resonator.

Optical microresonators that partially confine light by total internal reflection at the dielectric cavity sidewalls have long been regarded as versatile building blocks for photonic integrated circuits. However, conventionally symmetric microresonators with shapes that are two-dimensional (e.g., pillar, disk, or ring) or three-dimensional (sphere) cannot make unidirectional lasers. The cavity resonance modes, known as whispering-gallery modes (WGMs), can leak along the cavity’s curved sidewalls, radiating tangentially and nearly homogeneously.

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