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Adaptive Optics: Astronomy and Beyond

Most people associate adaptive optics with astronomy because of its well-known role in bolstering the imaging power of telescopes and correcting for atmospheric distortion. But the field also has a growing number of applications in ophthalmology, biomedicine and industrial processes.

by Alan Greenaway
Report from CLEO/QELS and PhAST 2006: The Latest in Lasers and Photonics

More than 5,200 engineers, researchers and students came together in Long Beach, Calif., in May for the 2006 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics/Quantum Electronics and Laser Science (CLEO/QELS). This year’s gathering highlighted important new work on optical materials, high-intensity lasers, ultrafast optoelectronics, quantum communication and biomedical applications.

by Patricia Daukantas
Tribute to an Unknown Physicist

Last year, we celebrated the World Year of Physics. It was a wonderful opportunity to highlight our field and remember the greats and well-known. But do we want to remember unknown physicists too?

by Alexander E. Kaplan
The OptIPuter: An Information Superhighway for Terabytes

Using a single computer to do scientific research is sooooo 20th century, according to supercomputing pioneer Larry Smarr. His OptIPuter team is laying the groundwork for linking computers all over the world via dedicated optical-fiber channels.

by Patricia Daukantas

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Optics Innovations
The Founding of Coherent Inc.

To mark the 40th anniversary of Coherent Inc. —a world leader in laser technology—company founder Eugene Watson tells the unlikely tale of how it all began.

Making the Case for Research and Innovation

Congressional Fellows discuss the closing of an Army center for telecommunications and electronic research and the National Innovation Act.

Optical Entrepreneur
The ABCs of NDAs

In order to expand and thrive, entrepreneurs often need to disclose and receive confidential information from other businesses. When used properly, a nondisclosure agreement can be an important tool for protecting high-tech companies.

Up to Some Optricks in Southern California

Optical scientists and engineers are working with the Optics Institute of Southern California (OISC) to create outreach experiences for curious minds across Southern California. In collaboration with local schools and youth groups, these members of the Optical Society of Southern California (OSSC) have volunteered to coordinate interactive demonstrations of optical phenomena.

The History of OSA
The SOAP Committee Sparks Controversy

One of the most controversial actions ever taken by an OSA governing body was that of the Committee on Society Objectives and Policy (SOAP) to recommend a name change for the Society. Like all good soap stories, this one ends with a cliff hanger.


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