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Measuring the Wavelength of Light with a Ruler

Almost 20 years ago, Arthur L. Schawlow, the 1981 Nobel laureate, told the author that a metal ruler could be used to measure the wavelength of light. Since then, he has always wanted to verify the accuracy of such an experiment for himself. He finally has; the method and results are reported in this article.

by Keigo Iizuka
Photovoltaics: Lighting the Way to a Brighter Future

Technology to concentrate solar energy is still under development, but could be poised for rapid growth. In fact, if the rate of progress for the current photovoltaic industry is sustained and costs come down, sunlight could become a significant source of electricity within our lifetimes.

by Sarah Kurtz and Daniel Friedman
Fiber Lasers: High-Power Devices in Compact Packages

Fiber lasers can deliver large amounts of energy to a target in a very precise but flexible way. They have many uses in industry, defense and medicine, in addition to traditional applications in communications, spectroscopy and remote sensing. This article reviews progress that has been made with high-power and solid-state lasers, and explores the emerging role that fiber lasers play as a high-power laser source.

by Nasser Peyghambarian and Axel Schulzgen
Refined Raman Spectroscopy: Bringing New Insight into Industrial Processes

Fiber probes and ease of use make Raman spectroscopy systems attractive for monitoring process control in a range of industries from pharmaceuticals to petrochemicals. The authors describe the Raman effect and discuss system and monitoring basics.

by Sophie Morel and Fran Adar

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UNC Charlotte's Center for Optoelectronics and Optical Communications

This summer, the University ofNorth Carolina at Charlotte’s Center for Optoelectronics and Optical Communications will occupy a new, $24 million, 90,000-square-foot facility on the University’s 1,000-acre campus. The primary focus of the Center, which was created in 2002, is on advancing the design and fabrication of nano- and micro-structures into highly functional photonic components and devices.

The History of OSA
Reminiscences of Arthur C. Hardy

Arthur C. Hardy is well known among optics students as a co-author of the standard text, "The Principles of Optics." Optical engineers recognize him for his development of recording spectrophotometers and color analyzers.

Global Competition and the Energy Bill

OSA Congressional Fellows discuss issues and the forefront of U.S. debates on Capitol Hill.

Optical Entrepreneur
Issues and Trends in High-Tech IP Licensing

An IP expert highlights key issues and trends in modern-day high-tech IP licensing from the licensor's viewpoint.


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