Feature Articles

Optical R&D at the Army Research Laboratory

To demonstrate the key role of optics in Army applications, this article highlights three specific research areas that have been identified by the military as being particularly promising.

by Tyler Krupa
Time-Resolved Microscopy of Lasers Photothermal Imaging

In the field of photothermal imaging materials, a significant amount of research is now being devoted to developing durable materials and lowering the exposure threshold.

by Serguei G. Koulikov and Dana D. Dlott
Whither Optical Design?

We have the tools to tackle challenging and exciting problems of much greater scope and interest than ever before, but fewer and fewer people know how to use these tools. 

by Douglas C. Sinclair

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Research and Industry News

New Topical Editor for Optics Letters / Anthony Vander Lugt: Optical Information Processing Pioneer / The “Smart Scalpel” / Infrared Beamline Monitors Changes in Living Human Cells / Infrared Beamline Monitors Changes in Living Human Cells / Flow Cytometer Device Identifies Bacteria DNA Fingerprints / In Memoriam Kent R. Wilson / Femtosecond Pulses of Synchrotron Light Produced / Laser-Assisted Machining Makes Ceramic Parts Less Costly

Capital View
Technology Policy in the White House

Optics engineer Duncan Moore, a past president of OSA, speaks about his role as head of the technology division in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).

Capital View
OSA Members on Capitol Hill

OSA members Mike Duncan and Bob Guenther met with members of Congress and congressional staff on the topic of federal funding for basic research as part of the Science-Engineering-Technology Congressional Visits Day.

Legal Lens
Types of Patentable Inventions

This month’s column explores the four main patentable invention types, how they relate to the claims of a patent, and why it is important to know about them.

Sharpest Field Tables

An article introducing a simple diffraction model into depth of field equations.

How to Write An Effective Manuscript Review

A column to provide guidance for first time reviewers.

Fourier Optics, Part 2

Last month in this column we began a discussion of the classical theory of diffraction. We continue here by describing the Airy pattern, the Fourier transforming property of a lens, and Abbe’s theory of image formation.

Sapphire Endoscope Objective

This month’s design is a two-element endoscope objective with an additional plane-parallel protective front plate covering a full field of 77 degrees at an aperture of f/2.5.

Copyright in the Age of the Internet

This month’s column is part one of a two-part series on copyright issues. Part two will be published in the July issue of OPN.


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From the President
From the President

The uses of the OSA International Council.

Optical Feedback
Letters to the Editor

A laser scientist reacts to the article “Laser 40th Reunion and Hughes Research Lab Open House,” published in the April 2000 issue of OPN.

Book Reviews
Book Reviews

Reviews of Advanced Photonics with Second-Order Optically Nonlinear Processes by K.K. Lee / Organic Photoreceptors For Xerography by Ghassan Jabbour / InP-Based Materials and Devices: Physics and Technology by Mircea Dragoman

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