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American challenger for international markets uses advanced optics, ICs for ‘decision-free’ photography

At a time when American industry is being pummelled by offshore competition, one new product that has been refreshing to the national spirit is Eastman Kodak Co.'s new disc camera. Introduced last May, the disc camera is so portable that it fits into a man's shirt pocket. It is built around a unique rotating disc of film that holds 15 exposures and produces a higher yield of good pictures than ever before possible with a fixed focus camera.

by Robert C. McEwen
Disc technology eyed for advanced video display

Since the concept of the Instamatic camera was announced in 1963, more than 150 million cartridge-loading cameras have been shipped by Kodak. The popular Kodak disc cameras, first shipped to dealers last May, can capture pictures in 98 percent of photographic space compared with 70 percent captured by simple cartridge-loading cameras. Photographic space is based upon Kodak studies of the typical conditions of light and distance under which custom