Feature Articles

Concepts in Tunable Spectral Filters

Imaging systems optimized for broad regions of the optical spectrum typically use one or more bandpass filters when closer spectral scrutiny is required. Conventional multilayer interference filters designed for either wide or narrow spectral bands can be arranged on a filter wheel to achieve discrete passbands. However, with multilayer coatings, the passband width (δλ) scales directly with the center wavelength (λ0) for each filter. Thus it is not possible to vary δλ independently of λ0 without physically altering the filter combination.

by William R. Graver
Optics and Vision Research on Florida Campuses

The forthcoming national meeting of the Optical Society of America, to be held in Florida, prompted the accompanying article, "Optics in Central Florida," which describes some of the optical activities in industry and government laboratories in the Sunshine State. Also, it seemed appropriate to give a brief description of optical (including vision) research under way on the various college and university campuses in Florida. The names of the principal investigators are listed in case our visitors from up north wish to get in touch with the individuals at the Kissimee meeting in October.

by Stanley S. Ballard
International Standards: Optics and Optical Instruments

A little more than two years ago an international standards-writing activity was begun that should be of interest to every Optical Society member. In early 1979 the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), in response to a German initiative, activated a technical committee (TC) to undertake the writing of international standards in the broad area of optics and optical instruments.

by Donald B. Whitney