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Holographic display of scanning tunneling microscopy images

In a joint venture, the Optical Sciences Center, University of Arizona, and the Spatial Imaging Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have produced the first hologram showing images of single atoms. The original image of a structure having atomic resolution was obtained at the Optical Sciences Center using scanning tunneling techniques. A diskette containing the digitized image was sent to the MIT group, which converted it into an achromatic holographic stereogram.

by Dror Sarid
U.S. may soon have national optics standards

The 130-page document includes three sections on OTF testing, seven on methods of specifying optical components on mechanical drawings, and five on various environmental tests for optical elements.

by Robert E. Parks
Neural networks for visual perception in variable illumination

The most advanced neural network architectures are providing examples of intelligent systems capable of autonomous learning and skillful performance within complex and noisy environments that are not under strict control.

by Stephen Grossberg