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Ballistic electrons and holes observed in a semiconductor

The possibility of ballistic motion in semiconductor materials was speculated on theoretically for years, but no experimental evidence was available to substantiate it.

by M. Heiblum
Multi-color CARS for multi-species combustion measurements

Anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS) has been accorded considerable emphasis due to its strong signal levels and coherent character. The applicability of CARS to instrumentally-adverse situations typical of practical combustion devices is, by now, well established. CARS has seen use in gas turbines, diesels, furnaces, and a myriad of other real-world devices.

by Alan C. Eckbreth
Setting guidelines for laser safety

The Laser Institute of America (LIA), a non-profit, professional society devoted to the advancement and promotion of laser technology and applications, serves as the secretariat of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standards Committee Z136—Safe Use of Lasers. This committee is concerned with protection against hazards associated with the use of lasers and laser diodes.

by Robert E. Parks
Future prospects of the semiconductor laser

The semiconductor is a magic crystal and can do many things that are impossible with other materials.

by Izuo Hayashi