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Neutral ion beam sputter deposition of high-quality optical films

The newest generation of high-accuracy ring laser gyroscopes (RLG) requires state-of-the-art optical coatings. The process of neutral ion beam deposition, developed in the last 10 years for the RLG application, has met this challenge.

by Austin Kalb
Optical coatings by the sol-gel process

Are optical coatings important? What a loaded question! The answer is: In some instances, the coatings indubitably add to the performance of an optical system, but we could survive without them. In other instances, they are the star performers.

by Philip Baumeister
Coatings for lighting applications

The emphasis on improving the efficiency of all types of energy consuming products in the 1970s had a noticeable effect on the lighting industry. Numerous improvements were made during that time in lighting fixtures, in ballasts, and in lamps themselves that brought about modest gains. What ultimately was desired was an increase in efficacy of 30% or more.

by Robert L. Martin Jr.
Optical coatings: add-ons or star performers?

The "sol-gel" process is one in which the final product is obtained from reactive precursor materials by chemical or thermal means. The term sol-gel is derived from the fact that the precursor materials are initially prepared in solution or colloidal suspension (SOL) and this solution goes through a gelling stage (GEL) prior to conversion to the final product.

by Ian M. Thomas