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News from the Society

Images clockwise from top left: John Mather, who gave the IDL plenary at CLEO; OSA Ambassador Jelena Pesic explores the interactive Museum of Light in Paris; a Hawaiian Eye Foundation doctor checks the eye of a young patient in Yap, Micronesia; OSA 2016 Ambasssador Antigone Marino shares the importance of light science at IDL Naples. [Images: NASA/Chris Gunn; Liz Rogan; Hawaiian Eye Foundation;...

07/01/2018 10:45

On 16 May, Light Science Shines

Lighting up Lingshed monastery, high up in the Himalayan mountains. [Paula Bronstein/IEEE Smart Village Project]“The International Day of Light is a gift from a political body—UNESCO—to us. How we use it is up to us.”—John DudleyQ. The International Year of Light, in 2015, was a very successful event. What made you want to extend that into an annual day of light?I...

05/01/2018 16:08

A Deeper View of the Cosmos

One of the seven primary mirrors of the Giant Magellan Telescope, under construction. [Giant Magellan Telescope – GMTO Corp.]During the 2020s, a series of optical telescopes—some already online, some under construction, and some on the drawing boards—promises to dramatically expand humanity’s view of the universe. Based on Earth or in space, and gathering light at a...

09/01/2020 10:13

The Laser at 60: Robert Byer

A pioneer reflects on the possibilities opened by six decades of laser developmentā€”and on current work that could lead to tabletop X-ray free-electron lasers.

05/01/2020 10:00