Quantum Mechanics for Tomorrow's Engineers

This book provides a clear and rigorous presentation of the fundamental principles and mathematical treatments of quantum mechanics and connects them to current and emerging applications in quantum computing, quantum communications and quantum sensors. With a primary audience of electrical engineering and materials science undergraduate students, the book is also valuable for professional engineers working in the areas above.

Real-world examples presented in the textbook include quantum gates and circuits, quantum algorithms, quantum teleportation, superconducting quantum interference devices, quantum cascade lasers and others.

The focus of the textbook is on the quantum mechanics of electrons in solids. Topics include Schrödinger's equation, superposition and quantum measurement, propagation of electron waves in engineered potentials and light–matter interaction. The final chapter is dedicated to the quantum engineering of band structure and electronic and optical properties and emerging nanomaterials with unique properties.

The collection of exercises at the end of each chapter serves to deepen the understanding of the topics. This well-constructed book is a valuable addition to the texts aiming to illuminate quantum mechanics for engineering students and professionals.

Review by Anca Sala, Kettering University, USA.

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