Quantum Transport in Nanostructures and Molecules

This is a book dedicated to the theory of quantum transport in nanostructures and molecules. It is written at an intermediate level for undergraduate students and Ph.D. students.

The first seven chapters of the book are introductory, dealing with the main issues of quantum transport at the nanoscale, such as the Landauer formula and its relation with thermoelectricity and resonant transport; Green’s functions; the Schrödinger equation; conduction and valence bands; scattering of electrons and electrical conductance; and thermoelectricity. Chapters 8 to 17 explore more advanced topics, such as structures with many leads or finite-width leads. In chapters 11 to 13, analytical solutions can be found to transport properties of linear chains, pendant groups and multiple paths, Chapters 14-17 covers topics such as the relationship between Green’s functions, molecular orbitals and densities of states.

The book is very clearly written and full of examples that help the reader to understand the difficult topics of quantum transport at the nanoscale. This is a book that must be present in any good university library, but please the hardcopy version is recommended, as its electronic version is difficult to use.

Review by Daniela Dragoman, full professor on the faculty of physics at the University of Bucharest, Romania.

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