Tunable Laser Applications

This third edition has two new chapters and 12 other updated chapters. A third edition of a scientific book means successful preceding versions and a large interest in the subject, as  tunable lasers have applications in many areas of physics such as astronomy, medicine, isotope separation, microscopy and spectroscopy.

Many of the book's 14 chapters are written by the editor. The book is developed with two main foci: a clear account of tunable lasers and advanced tunable lasers such as dye, semiconductor and fiber lasers (Chapters 3-6), and applications in spectroscopy, medical applications, microscopy and interferometry (Chapter 2, 7-10).

The text is written in a clear manner, with each chapter containing references and beautiful illustrations. This book is recommended to anybody working in lasers and their applications in various areas of science.

Review by Daniela Dragoman, Univ. of Bucharest, Physics Faculty, Romania

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