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Singular and Chiral Nanoplasmonics

Recent years have seen a burgeoning interest in the field of plasmonics. This book brings together contributions from several groups of international researchers who succeed in capturing and conveying the excitement associated with two specific aspects of plasmonics-enhanced light-matter interactions: chiro-optical effects and vortical effects.
These effects are carefully elucidated in 15 highly specialized chapters. Concepts are well-illustrated with figures and images and the text is supported, when necessary, by detailed mathematics. The target audience is probably advanced researchers, but the price point is very reasonable. This is a challenging read but the rewards are considerable. For example, the future of interdisciplinary research—from light harvesting to drug discovery—are treated in this volume.
K. Alan Shore is with the Bangor University School of Electronic Engineering, Wales, U.K.   

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Publish Date: 12 February 2015

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