Nanostructured and Subwavelength Waveguides: Fundamentals and Applications

This book stands at the confluence of a number of fast-flowing streams in physics research: meta-materials, polar materials, plasmonics and nano-optics. There is clear potential for turbulence to arise when such flows meet, but the author of this book is an expert in navigating the reader into clear water. Skorobogatiy provides a comprehensive range of mathematical and analytical approaches to treat nanostructured and subwavelength waveguides in widely different contexts.
This well-organized volume begins with three introductory chapters: the first treats the well-known transfer matrix technique for waveguide analysis; the second discusses both slab and circular waveguides comprised of optical materials with differing properties; and the third covers waveguides involving interfaces between distinct materials. Metallic wire waveguides are discussed for UV-near infra-red (IR), mid-IR and far IR. Finally, methods for the semi-analytic treatment of nonlinear equations are briefly reprised. The modular structure of this book enhances its utility. This allows the reader to focus on the specific waveguide geometry or material property in which they are interested. Coverage of material is both rigorous and transparent and thus this volume is likely to be used extensively by researchers in these rapidly developing subject areas.

Review by K. Alan Shore, Bangor University School of Electronic Engineering, Wales, United Kingdom.

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