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The importance of implementing the Federal Technology Transfer Act

Spectroscopic notation for the energy levels of helium and neon

Interferometer standardization assessed

Curious features of nonlinear pulse propagation in single-mode optical fibers

Computational machines and optical coatings in the 1950s and later

Standards in Works for Computer Talk on Optical Design

Photonic switching devices

Group to set guidelines for transfer of optical data

High power, coherent laser diodes

Fostering and Funding Military Laser R&D

Mode-locking an Argon laser

Photonics vs. electronics technologies

The Beaujolaiser

Draft standards soon ready for comment

Approaching the irradiance of the sun through nonimaging optics

ISO polishes its crystal ball

Integrating visual cues for object segmentation and recognition

Progress toward a simple, parallel vision machine

Would Brewster recognize today's Brewster angle?

OSA part of national standards writing effort

An engineering achievement: The first transoceanic lightwave system

Materials for nonlinear optical waveguides

Improving the performance of interference coatings for high-power laser optics

Coatings for ophthalmic lenses

Optical interference coatings for the inhibiting of counterfeiting

The manufacture of military optics at the Frankford Arsenal during W.W. II

ASTM drafts standards for measuring scattered light

Thin Film Optical Coatings

Self- and coupled-phase modulations of ultrashort laser pulses

Measurement standards span all fields

Complexities and progress in studies of optical chaos


The education-training continuum: Which way optics?

New micro-lasers make debut

U.S. closer to international optics standards with implementation of 1982 policy

More than just child's play: Optics in the design and manufacture of toys

Fiber optic gyroscope technology

Fiber interferometric sensors: Technology and applications

Optical fiber biosensing

Multiplexing of fiber-optic sensors

Fiber optic sensors

ISO sums up standards process

Low threshold electrically-pumped vertical-cavity surface-emitting micro-lasers

Single and multiple element 4-pass phase conjugate master oscillator power amplifier using diode lasers

Optical switching in polydiacetylene-based directional couplers

Excitonic and phonon-mediated optical Stark effect in a conjugated polymer

Nonlinear optical birefringence in liquid suspensions of shaped microparticles

Phase matching with time varying inhomogeneous fields

Bistability and chaos of counterpropagating laser beams

Lorenz-like dynamics in coherently pumped lasers

Second harmonic generation in periodically-poled LiNbO3

Intersubband far infrared emission pumped by resonant tunneling in superlattices

Semiconductor quantum wire lasers

Observation of optically pumped intersubband emission from quantum wells

Strain-induced lateral confinement of excitons in semiconductor quantum wells

Quantum-confined Franz-Keldysh effect in CdTe quantum dots in glass

Optical learning machine for multi-category classification

Femtosecond multiple pulse impulsive stimulated Raman scattering

Atomic fountains and clocks

Laser cooling of neutral atoms

Two mode fibers for self-referencing force sensors and mode filtering

Optical time-shifters for microwave phased array antenna steering

Control of plasmas parameters by ultrashort pulse multiphoton ionization

Real-time enhancement of submicron defects using photorefractives

The back-lighted Thyratron

Multifacet mirrors for the extreme ultraviolet

Production of kinoforms by single point diamond machining

Hybrid diffractive-refractive telescope

Wide field diffractive lenses for imaging, scanning, and Fourier transformation

High-performance, externally modulated analog fiber-optic links

Dynamic optical interconnects

Optical modulation using silicon

Acoustically-tuned integrated-optic filter for many-channel wavelength switching

Guided-wave magneto-optic Bragg cells and applications

Advances in waveguide photodetectors

Acousto-optic photonic switch

16-channel heterodyne broadcast network at 155 Mb/sec

Optical oceanography: The role of microparticles in attenuation of marine light


A new twist to optical polarization theory: Color U(2) computer graphics

Nonlinear Chinese tea

New subgroup looks at laser standards

A passively mode-locked Ti: Al203 laser using a nonlinear coupled cavity

High power, long life continuous-wave monolithic laser diode arrays