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Energy associated with electromagnetic radiation

International standards

The calamity of the Great Melbourne Telescope

Industrial machine vision: lessons and challenges

Planck's radiation law

Problems with polished surfaces

Optical Chaos

Kirchhoff's law

ISO vision standards

Laser cooling and electromagnetic trapping of atoms

Radiant emissivity

Standards and terminology

Fiber-optic measurements

Spatial factors limiting stereopsis and fusion

Infrared spectrum of a block of ice

ISO addresses optical transfer function

Optical coatings in the 1940s: Coating under adverse conditions

Crookes' radiometer in a block of ice

Optical coating standards

Squeezed light

Machine vision: the basics

Image coding in the visual system

Integrating vision-guided robots on the factory floor

Speculations on unknown images, spectral sources, and physical constants

Everything you ever wanted to know about standards

Measuring the effective radiating temperature of the ozonosphere

Progress on international optics standards

The greenhouse effect: radiant transmittance of glass

Approaching the venture capitalist

Surface temperature of planet Earth

Simplification of Scratch-Dig standards proposed

An entrepreneur's guide to financing the high technology company

Optical system requirements for laser scanning systems

Radiometric calibration

Optical coating standards

Nighttime on the desert

Folk wisdom in optical design

Nonlinear optical lightwave local network

Continuous wave operation of Ga/As lasers on Si substrates

External electro-optic sampling

Optical associative memories

Optical resonators, mode competition, and associative memory

Optical associative memory incorporating holography and phase-conjugation

New mechanism tor generating redshifts of spectral lines

Simulated annealing and lens design

Quantum nondemolition detection and four-mode squeezing

Precision measurement beyond the shot-noise limit

Inertial confinement fusion and x-ray laser advances

Progress toward a gamma-ray laser

Green infrared-pumped upconversion lasers

Nondiffracting beams

Ultrafast all-optical glass fiber switches

Encoding and decoding of femtosecond pulses

Terahertz-frequency quantum beats in organic molecules

Ultrafast photorefractive effects

New wavelength femtosecond dye lasers

Nonlinear optics in polymeric semiconductors

A digital optical switch

Organic polymers as nonlinear optical materials

Optical nonlinearities with an alternate growth technique

Low loss single-mode semiconductor optical waveguides

Photonic band structure

Decoding messages from atoms and molecules

Japanese law prompts U.S. action on instrument standards