Laser Stimulated Scattering and Multiphoton Excitation

The author has produced an outstanding research reference on laser-stimulated light scattering and multiphotonic excitation. This book should be of great interest to researchers and graduate students in nonlinear optics, physical chemistry and materials science.

Beyond an introduction to general, spontaneous or stimulated light scattering, the author provides the reader with a foundation of quantum electrodynamics (QED). Broad coverage of stimulated light scattering demonstrates research developments since the 1960s, which include stimulated Brillouin, Kerr and Raman scattering.

All stimulated light-scattering effects are supported by examples like CS2 (carbon disulfide) or other organic liquids, gases and solids with careful experimental setups. In addition, the more recent development of stimulated Mie and backscattering with optical phase conjugation is well suited for readers working with nanotechnologies and fiber optics.

Multiphotonic excitation processes are detailed in connection with nonlinear optical or photoelectric effects. Furthermore, the ionization and dissociation of molecules through visible, UV or IR laser radiation should attract a broad research audience.

Review by Axel Mainzer Koenig, CEO, Mainzer Koenig Research Associates, Portland, OR, USA

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