Semiconductor Laser Photonics

Photonics is a broad subject, and comprehensive coverage requires a long book. Nisoli focuses on the important sub-branch of semiconductor lasers, giving an in-depth treatment in a friendly length. The book is designed for a single-semester course, targeting graduate-level students in physics and electrical engineering.

The first half covers the basic principles and could be used on its own within a course on semiconductor optics. The second half goes through a string of practical photonic devices, starting with light-emitting diodes, working through various types of interband lasers, and finishing with quantum cascade lasers.

Clear diagrams, worked examples and end-of-chapter exercises are provided. The author has done an excellent job of presenting semiconductor photonics by emphasizing the underlying physical principles. This book should be essential reading for graduate students entering this field.

Review by Mark Fox, Optica Fellow and professor of optical physics, University of Sheffield, UK.

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