Review of Optical Manufacturing 2000 to 2020

The book presents ten chapters—written by many experts mostly from the United States, Canada and Europe—about state-of-the-art optical manufacturing and related topics in the last twenty years. Chapters cover materials, fabrication, metrology, coatings, infrared systems, polymer optics, fibers and fiber assemblies, diffractive and micro-structured optics, and illumination optics.

The level is descriptive yet important for the information conveyed. A rich bibliographic reference is provided for each chapter, so this book is useful for a large audience of readers, from scientists to engineers involved in optical fabrication.

Review by Silvano Donati, University of Pavia, Italy.

The opinions expressed in the book review section are those of the reviewer and do not necessarily reflect those of OPN or its publisher, Optica (formerly OSA).

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