Optomagnonic Structures

This book—subtitled “Novel Architectures for Simultaneous Control of Light and Spin Waves”—deals with the new interdisciplinary science of optomagnonics, which involves the interaction of the spin waves (magnons) and visible and infrared light.

The book is divided into three parts, written in a clear manner by experts in the field. The first two chapters, forming the introductory part of the book, deal with electromagnetic waves in various media and the interactions between magnons and photons, and the generation of spin waves, as well as their confinement in cavities. Chapters three and four focus in more detail on spin wave generation and detection. The last two chapters deal with optomagnonic cavities.

The book is dedicated to all who are doing research at the frontiers of optics.

Review by Mircea Dragoman, National Research and Development Institute in Microtechnology, Romania.

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