Convergence of More Moore, More Than Moore, and Beyond Moore

Despite its somewhat whimsical title, this book is both serious and highly technical. It is the fourth volume from Jenny Stanford Series on Intelligent Nanosystems. The Moore references relate to traditional CMOS technology. “More Moore” refers to the linear extrapolation of the scalable CMOS; “More Than Moore” involves the application-specific technologies that work alongside CMOS; and “Beyond Moore” denotes the technologies that might replace CMOS by using atomic or molecular properties other than electric charge to store information.

In the words of the editor, the larger goal for the book is to “search for sustainable and energy-efficient technology convergence in the ‘Internet of Everything’ era.” Across seven chapters written by different teams of experts worldwide, the book covers a variety of technology solutions—some that are nothing short of amazing. These include a single-molecule and zeptogram sensor (a thousandth of a billionth of a billionth of a gram), and a self-powered sensor that harvests energy from the environment.

The book includes colorful and black-and-white diagrams, device photos and an extensive index. The small number of deceptively simple equations are an invitation to the reader to find the full details in the technical literature. With such cutting-edge topics, there are also no end-of-chapter exercises. Given the advanced nature of the topics presented, the book is clearly a good resource for professionals in the field and could also be used as a textbook for a special topics graduate course.

Review by Bogdan Hoanca, University of Alaska Anchorage, USA.

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