Photonic Signals and Systems: An Introduction

This excellent introductory textbook provides a gateway to the new discipline of photonic engineering. It is written for those at the undergraduate level, but will also attract a wider readership interested in photonic design issues.
In addition to the fundamental principles of optics necessary for photonic systems, the author provides a solid grounding in optical components, micro-electronic-mechanical system devices, acousto-optic devices, liquid crystal and liquid devices. In each device class, the reader can expect a variety of well-documented design problems with solutions. Furthermore, this book offers a list of detailed experiments on topics like laser beams, coherent optics, acousto-optical modulation of laser beams and optical fibers. The author also provides extensive references for additional reading at the end of each chapter.

Review by Axel Mainzer KoenigCEO, 21st Century Data Analysis, a division of Koenig & Associates, Inc. Portland, Ore., U.S.A.

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