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Extended Interviews

For its May 2020 feature article “The Laser at 60,” OPN interviewed OSA Fellows working in a variety of areas of laser technology to get a reading on the laser’s progress, six decades after its initial demonstration. During the first two weeks of May, we’ll be posting extended versions of a selection of these interviews online on OPN’s daily news site. Check back there during the month—or follow us on OPN Twitter or OSA Facebook for word of the Q&As as they’re posted.

Date Interviewee
1 May 2020 Robert Byer
4 May 2020 Ursula Keller
6 May 2020 Ruxin Li
8 May 2020 Constance Chang-Hasnain
11 May 2020 John Bowers
13 May 2020 Teri Odom
15 May 2020 Wilhelm Kaenders

References and Resources

Maiman’s original 16 May 1960 laser demonstration:

Selected papers on work discussed in “The Laser at 60”:

Terahertz laser (Federico Capasso)

Accelerator-on-a-chip/tabletop XFELs (Robert Byer)

High-rep-rate attosecond pulses/attosecond frontier (Ursula Keller)

Station of Extreme Light/petawatt lasers (Ruxin Li)

VCSELS and beyond (Constance Chang-Hasnain)

Integrated lasers on silicon (John Bowers)

Nanolasers (Teri Odom)

Previous OPN Laser Features and Articles

Selected articles on laser history

There’s more to come!

Note – This section is still being built. Check back here for more OPN content that sheds light on the laser’s history, and the vast range of applications and science it has opened.

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